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Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing approach where free content in various types of content is provided to customers in exchange for their attention. This contrasts with other forms of advertising where an... (Read on)

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Creative Marketing: How a Group of 8th Graders Brought the Super Bowl to Indianapolis

Indianapolis wasn't the most likely bet to host Super Bowl VLVI, but a bit of creative marketing helped them land the job of hosting the big game. Find out how it happened. 
INFOGRAPHIC: Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT)

Proctor & Gamble coined the "First Moment of Truth" (FMOT), referring to the critical first few seconds when a consumer encounters a product on the shelf. It is during these moments the right appeal will move a consumer to purchase? 
INFOGRAPHIC: Are Marketers Keeping Up With the Market?

The world is changing rapidly and marketers are having trouble keeping up. People are more connected than they have ever been and communication technology continues moving at lightning speed, so it is hardly surprising that people expect more from compan 
INFOGRAPHIC: Evolution of the Hipster

Having trouble finding your trucker hat or Buddy Holly glasses? Food getting stuck in your lumber-jack beard? Can't find just the vintage t-shirt to match your full-sleeve tat? 
INFOGRAPHIC: 2012 Most Valuable Global Brands

When you think about creating tangible value through branding, the 100 companies Millward Brown identifies through its BrandZ study are hard to beat. 
INFOGRAPHIC: Leading Global Consumer Advertisers

How much did your company spend on Advertising last year? If you work for one of these 10 companies it's likely to be in the multiple billions of dollars. 
INFOGRAPHIC: Marketing Growth Wheel

Using marketing to effectively grow a business requires both Strategy and Action. 
INFOGRAPHIC: Storytelling vs. Corporate Speak

One of the biggest trends in business today is the use of Narratives or Storytelling. 
INFOGRAPHIC: Millennials (Best.Generation.Ever.)

Young and unemployed, but have grown up with the internet, are well educated, and optimistic about the future? If so, odds are that you're a Millennial. 
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The PERMA Model

The PERMA Model is a visual map created by Martin Seligman to help others enhance relationships in all life areas. It includes five steps: positive emotion,... Read more 

Make It Pop

Make it pop refers to how a logo, image or headline stands out on a page - and pops. When marketers ask designers to make something pop, they want the design to be... Read more 

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing is a series of personality and reasoning tests, motivation questionnaires and ability assessments based on psychometrics. It measures traits... Read more 


A listicle is commonly found on the Internet as a direct and simple method of delivering news and features. Short phrases and quick statements make it easy for... Read more 


Viral refers to a marketing campaign that spreads quickly because an audience engages with something they like, relate to, find funny or think someone else may... Read more 
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