Quantified Self

Definition - What does Quantified Self mean?

Quantified self is an advanced way of collecting data about an individual's life using technological tools. This includes the inputs (food, water, etc.), states (angry, happy, sad) and the mental and physical performance that's achieved as a result. This type of tracking is used for self improvement.

Zideate explains Quantified Self

Quantified self is an advanced data collection process that makes use of various self-quantified tools, such as sleep monitors, body scales and step counters. Data from these devices can help people address their mental/physical performance. Thanks to technology, these self-quantified tools have made it convenient for people to gather needed data. Advanced technological features tied up with these devices include sensors, mobile communications, portability and battery life.

Self tracking is a growing trend, but critics point to privacy concerns given the obvious value that this information could have for marketers.

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